As a family owned brand name, we are always looking forward to enrich, grow and expand our experience, exposure and network through direct partnerships and franchise agreements.

For future franchise or partnership enquiries, please contact us on our head offices.

Consultancy Services

Diwain Al Muhanna offers consultancy services, that can handle all the establishment steps for any new F&B company including milestones and responsibilities, and in parallel with educating handmade professionals, systematize their historical knowhow and transfer this information spreading the high techniques and insuring implementation. We are dedicated to spread our know how to respond the demand of the Syrian homemade cuisine in the global market, plus creating a compelling destination for any type of Syrian Cultural Arabic sweets. And all that through our professional team who carries a wealth experience in both back of house and front of house, as well as perfect understanding of business operations and managements’ methods.

Diwan Al Muhanna Consultancy services offers:

Conceptualization and brand building
Architecture and design
Menu development and engineering
Feasibility study and business plan
Hands-on opening support and covering the management system development.

We’re proud to be at your service. Our unique skills and vast experience enables us to be a trusted advisor to help you build your business and do what you do best. It’s an approach, a passion and a commitment we have to you.